Hermione House

A Plantation HouseHermoineHouse1

Cotton was the most profitable crop to grow in the rich delta soil–However, the constant threat of overflow from the Mississippi River kept many would-be settlers out.

Hermione Plantation was built in 1853 probably by an “absentee” owner who lived in Mississippi and operated the plantation with an overseer. With this in mind one can see that the house was very simple in construction.

The entire building consisted of two very large porches one across the front and a 14 foot wide porch on the back. The interior rooms included a central hall with larch matching rooms on either side. At the end of the back porch was called a closed, L shaped dogtrot.

When visitors ask the question, where was the living room, bedroom, dining room, etc–the answer is always–all of the rooms. The entire house consisted of three rooms and  a hall!

From fear of fire, the kitchen was always in the back yard as was the privy. Both of these questions are always asked by visitors.

A special feature in the hall surrounds both front and back doors. Large glass lighted doors on either side open for air.

Hermione House was donated to Madison Historical Society, Inc. in 1998 by the Kell family but had to be moved to its present cite in Tallulah from Hermione Plantation located just one mile south of the town of Milliken’s Bend, which, sadly, is only a memory since the unruly Mississippi River decided to dump it into it’s muddy water in the late 1930’s.