History of Madison Parish-old

tallulah2Madison Parish was formed in 1832 when the young State Legislature carved up the large Carroll Parish located in Northeast Louisiana.

Since the State of Louisiana was so new, becoming a state in 1812 after being acquired in 1803 by the Louisiana Purchase, the division was required by the influx of new citizens after becoming a State.

The small town of Richmond, located on Roundy and Brushy Bayous was named the Parish seat of government.

Due to the uncertainty of floods, many landowners did not reside in the Parish, but mostly resided in the hills across the Mississippi River.

The town of Richmond was created in 1832 in order for the Parish Seat to be located there. Since ‘high ground’ was at a premium, Richmond’s location was chosen because of the location on Roundy Bayou and practically the center of the Parish.

The little town grew and flourished. A court house building was erected to house the Parish records and many small businesses and professional people moved in. At one time there were two newspapers published at the same time.

But, Alas, in 1863, the town was destroyed by the Federal troops on it’s way to The Siege of Vicksburg.

Madison Parish Today

Madison Parish includes the areas of Richmond, Mound, Tallulah, and Delta. The population is about 13,728 people. The economy is agriculturally based, though farming is not a major employer due to advances in farm technology and machinery.

The Madison Parish Public School District, the Louisiana Transitional Center for Women, Great Day Inc, Complex Chemicals, Terral River Services, health care facility providers, and retail business are the largest employers in the parish.