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Grant’s Canal

Located at the foot of the Vicksburg Bridge between U.S. 80 and I-20. This was one of the four attemptsgrant to change the flow of the Mississippi River to land lock and neutralize the city of Vicksburg during the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln said: “Vicksburg is the key supply route. This war can never be won until we halt the key.” Brig. General T. Williams began work on the canal in January  1863. Rapid progress was made until a sudden drop in the Mississippi left the canal above river stage. The Canal was dug deeper. However, an equally sudden rise in the river collapsed the dam and filled the canal with sediment and backwater. Grant abandoned the canal in March. The Union forces finally cut the Confederate supply route and Vicksburg fell July 4, 1863.

Battbattlele of Milliken’s Bend

The Battle of Milliken’s Bend was fought against General Walker of the Texas Rangers.  It played an important role in our nation’s history. In the spring of 1863 it became the focal point of the Civil War. Major General U.S. Grant had concentrated a large army along the Louisiana side of the Mississippi River in preparation for his movement against the Confederate Bastion of Vicksburg. One of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War that was fought by Black Infantry, out numbered and ill-trained for battle, the Black Soldiers fought diligently and valiantly, but failed to overcome the Confederate forces.

Scott Field

scottIs historically significant because it is the oldest aviation airport in the state of Louisiana. The building was built in 1923 by Standard Oil Company as a fuel stop. In early 1920, the United States Experimental Station was established at Scott Field to eradicate the boll weevil which threatened the cotton industry. Former World War I pilots were enlisted to drop a powdered poison on the boll weevil from the air, or dust the cotton crops – crop dusting was first practiced in Madison Parish from Scott Field. One of the pilots was Col. Bert Coad. After flying people to other locations during his free time, he decided to start a small airline passenger service at Scott Field. That small passenger service became Delta Airlines. The present owner of Scott Field is Steve Gustafson. His stunt-pilot father was the world famous Merle Gustafson, who was also a Colonel in the Confederate Air Force and Hollywood stunt flyer.